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Activity Scope

ACUM is a non-profit corporation administering the rights assigned to it by its members: authors, composers, lyricists, poets, arrangers and music publishers.

The rights administered by ACUM include performing rights, mechanical rights (audio and audio-visual reproductions) and reprint rights.

By its reciprocal representation agreements ACUM also administers these rights- fully or partly on behalf of hundreds of thousands members of 98 affiliated Societies from all over the world.

ACUM was established in 1936 by a small group of leading authors and composers, and has now 8,700 members, creators and publishers.

ACUM's Board of Directors consists of 11 members - 3 authors, 3 composers, 1 publisher and  4 external Directors. Every four years the Board of Directors is elected at the General Assembly, by ACUM members who hold a full share (holding the rights to elect and be elected).  

ACUM is a member of CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers), and of BIEM (International Bureau of Societies administering Mechanical Rights). 



The function of Acum aims at ensuring that music creators are rewarded for the usage of their works. Its activities include:

  • Collection of royalties from music users

    Acum collects royalties by issuing licenses to music users , in Israel. Through reciprocal agreement with international sister- societies, Acum also collects royalties for its members, from around the world.
  • Distribution of royalties to its members

    Once the royalties are collected, Acum distributes (distribution) the net royalty to its members, in accordance with its internal statutes .
  • Protection of its members' rights

    Acum works to protect and to promote its members' interests through political, legal, social or cultural actions.

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