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ACUM operating expenses

ACUM  operating expenses (administrative cost)


ACUM  operating expenses (administrative cost) 


General Clarifications:

  •  Administrative cost deducted from royalties covers the expenses due  to office activities and are approved by the Board

  • Social & Cultural Fund – The fund aims to promote the work of local artist, and ensure  their welfare. The Fund finances activities such as workshops to members, events, lobbying, ACUM Awards Competition, Welfare Fund to assist artists in need, "Gold royalties" (pension) and health insurance to members (with members contribution).

  •  At the end of each year, the amounts deducted  from royalties for administration cost are compared to the actual administration cost that occurred in the same year. In case the actual costs exceed the amount deducted from the royalties, this difference will be covered by financial incom

1. Broadcast and Public Performances

Royalties collected from broadcast (television and radio), from public performances in business, organizations, local authorities, banquet halls, impresarios…

  • Administrative cost - 22% plus 3.5% for Social & Cultural purposes

2. New Media

Royalties received from the cellular companies and Web sites for uses on mobile phones and Internet. Uses by new media combine two rights: Performing Rights for hearing songs and Mechanical Rights to download songs.

  • Administrative cost - 22% from total royalties plus 3.5% for Social & Cultural (only for Performing Rights)

3. Mechanical Rights (records)

Royalties collected from record companies and producers for records

  • Administrative cost - 15%

4. Reprint Rights

Royalties collected from book publishers and others for the copying of works by means of printing. 

  • Administrative cost - 15%

5. Royalties from Sister-Societies

Royalties collected from Sister-Societies for the usage of ACUM Members all over the world

  • Administrative cost - 5%

6. Audio-Visual/Commercials

Royalties collected from Film producers and commercials companies for the combination of works in films and commercials.

  • Administrative cost- 9% when negotiation by ACUM on behalf of its members

  • Administrative cost -  5% when negotiation by members or by their representative

7. Private Copying Levy

Royalties received from Ministry of Culture for the private use of recording works by public.

  •  Administrative cost - 15% (similar to Mechanical Rights).

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