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Board of Directors

ACUM activities are governed by a Board of Directors consists of 11 members - 3 authors, 3 composers, 1 publisher and  4 external Directors. Every four years the Board of Directors is elected at the General Assembly, by ACUM members who hold a full share (holding the rights to elect and be elected).


  • Chairman - Mr.  Oved Efrat
  • Mr. Jacob Lishchinsky
  • Mrs. Margalit Matitiahu
  • Mr.  Joseph Mar-Chaim
  • Mr.  Ronald Cole
  • Mr. Chaim Kaynan
  • Mr. Yossi Gispan


  • Mrs. Revital Pur
  • Mrs. Pnina Tamano-Shata
  • Mrs. Meli Polishook-Bloch, Adv.
  • Mr. Reuven Ladianski

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