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Israeli Copyright Law


Last updated 10 January 2008

The Copyright Act of 2007 passed the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) on Nov. 19,
2007, and was published in "Reshumot" (official gazette), 2007 Law Statutes of Israel, Issue 2199, at page 34 on Nov. 25, 2007. Pursuant to section 77 the Act will come into force on May 25, 2008.

CHAPTER ONE: Interpretations

1. Definitions

- In this Act -
"Copyright"- as defined in section 11;
"Moral right" - as defined in section 46;
"Recording ", with respect to sounds - means preservation of
sounds on media from which such sounds may be played back or
"Architectural work" - a building or other structure, as well as a
model of such building or structure;
"Artistic work" - including, drawings, paintings, works of
sculpture, engravings, lithography, maps, charts, architectural works,,
photographic works and works of applied art;
"Dramatic works"- including plays, cinematographic works,
musical-dramatic works, choreography, and pantomime;
"Joint work" - a work created jointly by several authors, wherein it
is not possible to discern each author's contribution to the work;
"Literary work" - including works expressed in writing, lectures,
tables, compilations, and also computer programs.
"Sculptural work" - including moulds or models for sculptures;
"Photographic work" - including works produced by a process
similar to photography, but excluding photographs that are part of a
cinematographic work;
"Cinematographic work" - including a television work and any
work which is substantially similar to a cinematographic work or a television work.
"Compilation"- means a compilation of works including an
encyclopedia or an anthology as well as a compilation of data
including a database;
"Producer" - with respect to a cinematographic work or a sound
recording - the person who is responsible for the arrangements necessary for the making of the cinematographic work or the sound
recording, respectively;
"Infringing copy" - means a copy of a work in which copyright
subsists, excluding a building or other structure, being one of the
(1) A copy which was made in Israel without the consent of
the copyright owner in a manner which constitutes infringement of the reproduction right as stated in section
(2) A copy imported into Israel, which, had it been made in
Israel its making would have constituted an infringement of the copyright as stated in section 11(1); however a copy which has been made outside of Israel, with the consent of the copyright owner in the country in which it was made, shall
not be deemed an infringing copy;
"Publication" of a work - means publishing a reasonable quantity of
copies of the work to the public, taking into consideration the character of the work, with the consent of its author, but not including a public performance or broadcast of the work, or the public display of an "artistic work".
"Computer program" - computer program in any form of
"Sound Recording" - means a recording of sounds, excluding a
recording of sounds in a cinematographic work.
"The Minister" - the Minister of Justice.

2. Place of first publication  -  In this Act, the following provisions shall apply as regards the place
   where a work was first published:

(1)     A work published in several countries during a period of 30
days from the date it was first published - shall be deemed to have
been published in all these countries simultaneously;
(2)     A work first published in Israel and in other countries
simultaneously shall be deemed as though it was first published in Israel.

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