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Reprint Rights - license

Do you want to copy a literary work or part of one?

Magazines, anthologies, schoolbooks, collections and numerous other products include previously published works. Any copying of a work, or a substantial part of it, requires obtaining a license and payment of royalties. ACUM issues licenses for copying Israeli works in the domains of music, poetry, literature and songwriting into a variety of publication and print productions. The license is issued according to the fixed rates, with the exception of cases in which the artists excluded these domains.

What is a Reprint license?

According to the Copyrights Law, any copying of a work included in ACUM’s repertoire, or any substantial part of a work, for any use whatsoever and in any manner, requires a license. An ACUM Reprint license grants the right to copy a work, or part of it, according to the terms and conditions that will be determined by the artists and / or ACUM. The license permits the copying of a work only after at least one edition of the work has been printed and published


Following is a list of artists who have informed ACUM that they will handle copying licenses themselves, according to section 4.9 of the agreement. In these cases, the customer must contact the artist or his/her representative directly.


To submit an application in this domain, please contact Anat Zana Hason, Tel: 03-6113474



Click here to download a license application form.



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