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Internet - license

Want to include music in your website?

More and more websites include music and show video clips, texts, and lyrics. Websites that specialize in music, portals that contain music stations and websites of all types and kind use music and literary works to attract users and make their stay in a website more pleasant. However, use of these works requires permission from the owners of the works’ copyrights.

Who needs an Internet license?

According to the Copyrights law, use of a work, or part of a work, requires the user to obtain a license from the owner of its copyrights. Copyrights to texts, song lyrics, compositions, scripts, plays, poems, articles, photographs and other works, are also valid on the Internet. ACUM is the owner of copyrights to Israeli works, and also represents holders of copyrights to foreign works: in order to include works from ACUM’s repertoire in a website, and in order to act in accordance with law, it is necessary to obtain an Internet license from ACUM for the use of these works.

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