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 May 21, 1012

ACUM family is sad to hear about the death of Robin Gibb. We offer our deepest sympathy and condolences. President Robin Gibb shined bright over author's rights around the world and we already miss him. His musical career is an inspiration to us and to authors everywhere. 

Yorik Ben David, CEO
Oved Efrat, Chairman


"Forget You" won the Acum Most Played foreign Song Award 2011
Performed by CEE LO GREEN words and lyrics - Brody Brown, Callaway, Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine
The song is represented in Israel by Media Men Group Ltd. and EMI Music Publishing Israel
April 4, 2012


'TIK TOK' won the Acum Most Played foreign Song Award 2010
Performed by KE$HA,  words and lyrics, Benjamin Levin, Lukasz Gottwald, Kesha Sebert. 
The song is represented in Israel by Media Men Group Ltd.
February 28, 2011



ACUM, Israel, signs agreement with YouTube
Israeli authors' society ACUM has signed an agreement with YouTube covering payments to artists arising from the viewing of YouTube Israel. It is estimated that around 3 million Israelis use the YouTube site each month with about 60% watching music videos. Yorik Ben-David, director general of ACUM, commented that the agreement "will assist Israeli artists in receving payment for their original work played on YouTube and encourage the growth of new musical talent". Estimates of payments have not yet been made but the agreement provides YouTube with a platform to monetise its Israeli site.
The Jerusalem Post 05/01/11

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